Project Cars 2 Best wheel settings (Logitech G29/G920)

I took a little while to find the best wheel settings in Project Cars 2. I have finally found the settings that I enjoy the most and thought that I should share them just in case someone is struggling, then this could be a starting point.

Best wheel settings

Flavour: Raw

Gain: 100

Volume: 60

  • I am not a fan of the wheel being too difficult to turn so I did not increase this by too much. If you increase too much then you also lose too much surface feeling of the road, so keeping this at 60 compliments the below two settings quite nicely.

Tone: 90

  • This settings took me a while to play with. The lower you go the less feeling you get when the car starts slipping/sliding. In fact the lower it goes the lighter the wheel goes, this means you almost have no feeling and the wheel can turn freely when understeering or oversteering. This is the reason I decided to go for the higher setting which gives more feedback when you are sliding. In doing this it reduces the the feeling of the surface of the road.

FX: 90

  • When you increase this it will boost the feeling of the surface of the road. Setting this to be high adds some of the missing road surface feeling while driving, but this still allows you to get that sliding/slipping feeling from the tone setting



I hope that you have found this useful. It took me a bit to get this to a setting that I really enjoy driving with.

If you play Forza Horizon 4, be sure to check my wheel settings for that too.



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